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Library Happenings – How many ‘great’ books have you read?

By Angie Georgeff

Last week’s launch of the Great American Read has me once again considering my favorite novels. Several of my top tier picks, the books I have read and enjoyed time after time, are on the list of 100. I could no more choose one from that group than I could choose a favorite from among my three grandchildren. Consequently, I am glad we can vote multiple times for multiple books. I wouldn’t want “Pride and Prejudice,” “Little Women” and “Gone with the Wind” competing with “The Lord of the Rings.” Rings is three times their size (at least in number of volumes). And Jane Eyre shouldn’t have to contend with “Wuthering Heights,” given that their “mothers” were sisters!

Even though “War and Peace” made the list, it didn’t make my top tier. I have only read it once, and I don’t foresee that changing, since I consider Leo Tolstoy’s endless depiction of the Battle of Borodino nearly as tedious as Victor Hugo’s interminable description of the layout of Medieval Paris in “The Hunchback of Notre Dame.” Even though I loved most of that book, I recall the struggle almost as vividly as I remember the thrills. Perhaps that is why Hunchback did not make the list.

Some of the books that I checked off the list were ones that I read as school assignments, while others were books I read because they were available and I wanted something to read. That was how I managed to read “The Godfather” as a teenager. Mama considered it unsuitable, but she left it lying around. When I needed a new book, I simply picked it up and read it without knowing that Mama would object.

How many books on the list have you read, and which is your favorite? We have the list available at the circulation desk or you can find it at

Libraries Rock!

Our Summer Reading Programs for children, teens and adults begin next Monday, June 4.  Registration for the children’s and teen programs is currently ongoing.  The paperwork is available at the circulation desk in the library lobby and it must be completed before your child may participate.  Full schedules of activities and Family Fun Friday events are also available.

Mr. Bond’s Science Guys will kick off the first event at 3:00 PM on Friday, June 8.  As many of you know from previous performances, the Science Guys make science fun and fascinating.  And occasionally, an experiment will end with a resounding bang.  The kids love that!  The Summer Reading Programs that are held Monday through Thursday will take place at the library.  This special Family Fun Friday event, however, will be held at Erwin Town Hall, so don’t miss it!