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Library Happenings – Event planned to celebrate ‘Take Your Child to the Library Day’

By Angie Georgeff

Recently I was made aware that books have been returned to the library with certain words concealed by black marker. The words, of course, could not be read, but the context suggested that someone had found them objectionable. Sadly, those books are ruined and will have to be withdrawn from the collection. If we are able to determine who damaged the books, a fine will be levied on his or her account equal to the cost of replacement. There are better ways to express your concern.

A Case in Point

The very next day, another patron brought back a large print book that had been cataloged as Christian fiction, but which definitely was not. She had used sticky notes to mark the words that were not in keeping with the book’s classification. It appears the novel was shipped to us by mistake with a Christian fiction standing order and was cataloged alongside the books that merited that designation. Because she had used sticky notes instead of permanent marker, the volume was not damaged and we were very grateful to have the mistake pointed out so that we could rectify it.

I wish only that it had happened sooner, since the patron who returned the book was the 11th person to have checked it out. I sincerely apologize to anyone who may have been offended.  On several occasions, we have found out after more than a year that a book had a number of pages either missing or out of order when we got it. It had been checked out many times, but no one had told us. While an “oops” like this proves that we don’t sit around reading the books before we make them available to you, it also means we need your help. If you spot problems with our books, audiobooks or DVDs, please do not hesitate to bring them to our attention.  We will appreciate it.

Ice Cream for Breakfast?

Not every day can be Christmas or New Year’s Day, but almost every day of the year has its own special significance. Take Feb. 3 as an example. According to, this year Saturday is Barber Day, Four Chaplains Memorial Day, National Missing Persons Day, National Women Physicians Day, The Day the Music Died and Ice Cream for Breakfast Day. More importantly (at least for us at the library), it is Take Your Child to the Library Day.

Miss Dawn, who oversees children’s programs for us, was inspired to combine two of these observances, so parents and grandparents are invited to bring children to the library for stories, crafts and ice cream! Since we don’t open in time for breakfast, the fun will begin at noon and last until 2 p.m. Ice cream for lunch is not bad either!