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Library Happenings – Doors set to reopen July 6 – with precautions

By Stephanie Eller

Our plans to reopen the library doors will be for Monday, July 6. We know a lot of our patrons are anticipating the doors opening soon.

We are looking forward to seeing everyone again, but at a safe distance. We encourage you to take any precautions you feel is necessary (wearing a mask, standing six feet away, etc.) as we will do the same. We want everyone to stay safe and healthy!

Cozy Mystery

How many librarians does it take to find a cozy mystery book? Apparently three! We received a phone call from a patron last week, asking about our cozy mystery books. The staff member that answered the phone could not find it, so another staff member and I were on the hunt. We were all laughing about how it took all three of us to find a book that was sitting on the shelf right under our noses. We solved that mystery in no time!

Ten minutes have passed and we all resumed back to what we were working on. I had a few moments to spare, so I was helping to process our new books. It gets the job done a lot quicker when we all work on something together!

As I am sitting across the table from one of my staff members, wrapping books, we hear what sounds like the chimes on the back door moving. We both look up at each other, and I ask if she heard that too. She said yes and went to investigate. We thought maybe someone snuck in on us. She came back and said there was nothing back there. We just shrugged our shoulders and went back to work.

Not even five minutes pass, and we hear the chimes again! This time I go to the Children’s Room to investigate. I look behind all the closed doors, in the kitchen, around bookshelves, and nothing! There is absolutely nothing back there. Not a person in sight! I go back up front to where I was working and report that I did not find anything either.

We talk about it for a few minutes, saying how weird that was because we both heard it. It’s just one of the many mysteries we encounter at the library. Not to mention a little spooky too.

Patience is a Virtue

I would like to thank all of our patrons that have been taking advantage of our curbside book pickups, as well as our patrons participating in the children’s craft bags to go.

I know this has been an odd way of “picking” out books, but we are managing the best we can during this time. You all have been so patient and understanding with us, it couldn’t make me prouder to work in a library. This is the “magic” I was talking about when working behind the scenes in a library.

Even through some weird and difficult times, we still manage to pull through to find your next adventure. Thank you!