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Library Happenings – Donations of pool noodles needed for program

By Angie Georgeff

The kids are back in school and summer is over. Just kidding: Summer is not over by a long shot! Retailers tend to rush each season into place, but the autumnal equinox will not arrive until Sept. 22.

Summer weather is likely to reign for at least one more month, and we can hope for two. Even so, as days grow shorter and pools grow colder, those long pool noodles are likely to look less and less appealing. If you want to avoid storing them over the winter, we will be happy to take them off your hands.

Miss Dawn, who manages our programs for children, has great plans for pool noodles. If you have had a chance to observe her displays in our children’s room, you will have seen that she has a fertile imagination and the ability to transform inexpensive objects into objets d’art.  (Doesn’t everything just sound more elegant in French?)

That said, donations of pool noodles in every color will be gratefully accepted, and you will have the satisfaction of seeing them transform our children’s room into an underwater wonderland.

In fact, the metamorphosis has already begun, so that it will be completed before Labor Day and the resumption of our full schedule of youth programs. If you would like further information about our children’s and teen programs, call the library at 743-6533.

Spotlight Book

A contest for possession of a padlocked box lies at the center of Sandra Brown’s “Tailspin.” One side consists of “freight dog” Rye Mallett and Dr. Brynn O’Neal. Mallett, having cheated death as a fighter pilot in Afghanistan, is willing to undertake any delivery, at any time, in any weather, regardless of the risk.

Neither is he choosy about the cargo he is willing to transport. When Mallett is temporarily blinded by a laser beam one foggy night, he crashes but isn’t seriously injured. Brynn tries to claim the box, but she is not the doctor that he was supposed to meet and he won’t give it up.

A life is at stake if the box is not delivered within 48 hours, but Brynn is tight-lipped regarding its contents. It soon becomes apparent that both law enforcement and vicious thugs are eager to snatch the prize from the pair. Under the circumstances, Mallett needs to know the contents of the box. His interest, however, is equally piqued by the attractive doctor who is determined to protect it.

If you prefer reading romances with a heaping helping of suspense, then Tailspin is the perfect choice for August, which just happens to be National Read a Romance Novel Month. Happy reading!