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Library Happenings – Building reopens; curbside pickup continues

By Stephanie Eller

In case you didn’t hear, the library has now reopened for business! We are requesting that masks be worn inside the building for your safety and for the safety of our library staff.

If you do not have a mask, we would be glad to provide one for you. Library services should run as regularly as before, with a few restrictions.

Books will still remain in quarantine for three days before returning them to the bookshelves. You may return books to our outside dropbox, or drop them in our return bin inside the library. If you would like access to our History Room, please make an appointment.

A limited number of computers will be available for use, but we ask that you be courteous and limit your time to 30 minutes. If you require more time, please see a staff member at the front desk. We would also like to ask that you limit your time inside the library to no more than an hour.

Even though we are open, you may still continue to pick up books through our curbside book pickup service. Our curbside book pickup service will continue until all restrictions have been returned to normal operating services.

The Children and Teen Services Coordinators will continue with their craft bags to-go. They will not be hosting any physical programs as of yet.

Fun Fact

Today is John Stith Pemberton’s birthday! He is known for “accidentally” making the fountain drink Coca-Cola. He created an early version of Coca-Cola in 1886, which would later become known today as the famous Coca-Cola soft drink. He sold the rights to the beverage shortly before his death in 1888.

Pemberton served in the Confederate Army and had suffered a sabre wound that led to an addiction to morphine. He wanted to find a cure to his addiction and began to experiment with different painkiller type ingredients to find something that could be substituted as “morphine-free.”

His experiments later resulted in the making of “Pemberton’s French Wine Coca.” It was an alcoholic drink, mixed with coca (an extract from the coca leaves), kola nut (a caffeine-induced fruit pertaining to the kola tree), and damiana (a floral shrub located in the southern parts of Texas). Pemberton was then told by Atlanta and Fulton County officials he needed to make a non-alcoholic beverage due to the temperance movement. He partnered with drugstore owner Willis E. Venable to help him perfect a recipe for the new beverage. It was then, through multiple trial and errors, that Pemberton accidently blended carbonated water to the base syrup of his recipe. Thus creating what is known today as Coca-Cola. Don’t you just love an ice cold glass of Coca-Cola with a juicy cheeseburger? I know I do!