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Library Happenings – Blessing Box in place to help community

By Stephanie Eller

Historical Fiction Romance

Danielle Steel’s newest novel, “Royal,” is one of romance and tragedy. The beginning is set in the throes of War World II, and a princess who needs to be kept safe. Despite the princess’s spirited, unyielding nature, she reluctantly agrees to leave the raging war in London. When she arrives in Yorkshire, she uses an alias so that no one will know her true identity.

The princess eventually learns to live a simple life out of the spotlight and falls deeply in love with her protectors’ son. Through all the darkness of war, love creates a ray of hope for the princess. Or does it?

A stack of letters emerges and her secret is finally discovered. This story shows us how love and family can help heal us from heavy losses and shows us that our dreams are worth fighting for.

Stop by the library to check out this new book by Danielle Steel!

Story Talks

Story has been quite the playful kitty this week! She has definitely kept us librarians entertained with her little spurts of energy.

One day my daughter had asked if she could come to work with me, and of course I said yes. Story followed her around like a little shadow all day! For the ones that do not know, my daughter has really long hair and apparently that is a cat’s dream come true!

Story loves to roll around in her hair and play with it. Story also got the royal treatment when my daughter was here. Story jumped up into one of our little carts and was pushed around the library. She thoroughly enjoyed the attention and the “royal treatment” she deserves! She’s so silly!

Speaking of silly, a patron came into the library with her bag of books. She hung her bag on the chair opposite of me and Story just made herself at home and hopped right on in her bag! We laughed and took some pictures. It was the cutest thing!

Of course, it was time for the patron to leave and Story was still lying on her bag (after it had fallen in the floor). She was just not ready for the patron to leave. Eventually, Story settled on a plastic bag that I was using for scraps of paper. Haha!

Blessing Box at the Library

The Unicoi County Public Library is one of the few locations that will have a Blessing Box. The good folks of the community have reached out to us and had asked if they could leave a blessing box cabinet outside of the library.

The cabinet will be filled with non-perishable items, and maybe some hygiene products as well, for those that need a little help. The cabinet will be located outside of the library to be accessible during all hours of the day.

Anyone is welcome to donate items to the Blessing Box, as well as help themselves to items that are needed. This is a great way to help our community neighbors in need!