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John Burpee to speak for Mountains of Praise series in Unicoi

By Richard Rourk

Dr. John G. L. Burpee

Tennessee Hills Mountain Melodies Mountain of Praise series is set to welcome a very special guest.

Dr. John G. L. Burpee is scheduled to bring his award-winning series “Milestones to the Miraculous” to Tennessee Hills Mountain Melodies Mountain of Praise, 3051 Unicoi Drive, in Unicoi at 2 p.m. on Sunday, Sept. 12. 

“We are excited to bring this program to Unicoi County,” said Tennessee Hills Mountain Melodies Organizer Barbara Desso. 

“Dr. John G. L. Burpee exists to serve others by empowering expectations to experience the supernatural and achieve destiny,” Desso added.

Desso explained that it’s Burpee’s heart to see people walk in their potential and live lives filled with purpose compels him to equip and activate. 

“He is a bridge builder, bringing people and resources together so others can develop, grow and step into their full measure,” Desso said. “He is a visionary and a strategist. John assists leaders in articulating their dream, developing their vision and creating strategic systems that advance teams in the direction of stated goals.”

As a master networker, he is an invaluable resource to emerging leaders, helping them gain access to key relationships and proven tools for leadership development. 

“With confident authority, he activates people to receive their portion and walk securely in their calling,” Desso said. “John Burpee moves comfortably in the supernatural. Without flash or hype, he confidently connects to God’s power, a power that is available to every believer,  and moves in miracles, signs and wonders.”

Desso explained that Burpee travels extensively and the fruit of his ministry is evident in testimonies of salvation, healing, and being filled with the Holy Spirit. “John not only declares God’s Word, but he also demonstrates it,” Desso said. “He is a true believer in the manifest presence of God.”