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Georgeff retiring as library director

Retiring Unicoi County Public Library Director Angie Georgeff, left, and new Unicoi County Public Library Director Stephanie Eller inside of the library. (Contributed photo)

By Richard Rourk

As one era at the Unicoi County Public Library comes to the close, a new one begins.

Director Angie Georgeff is set to retire in the coming weeks and is excited for the accomplishments the library has achieved over the years.

“I’ve been here for 11 years and I’m really proud that our children’s programs have improved over the years,” Georgeff said.

Georgeff is handing over the director’s title to Stephanie Eller. According to Georgeff, who has been a weekly contributor to The Erwin Record, she is handing those duties over to Eller as well.

“I will not be writing for The Erwin Record, that is now Stephanie’s (Eller) article,” Georgeff said.

For Georgeff, her retirement has given her time to reflect on the successes the library has accomplished over the years.

“I’m very proud of our senior services deliveries,” Georgeff said. “We deliver library materials to homebound senior citizens and to nursing home residents. It’s something we have done for years and it is something that not many libraries, especially one our size, accomplish.”

According to Georgeff, retirement will give her a chance to rest up and take on new challenges. “I’m looking forward to sleeping late and I would love to travel to see my grandchildren in Ohio,” Georgeff said.

One of the challenges that Georgeff, who is a huge Jane Austen fan, is looking forward to is writing a novel.

“I hope to use my time to write my first novel,” Georgeff said. “It’s based on a story of my father’s family and it just needs to be told.”

For Georgeff, it is going to be tough to stay away from the library.

“Appalachian Ghosts Walks has stated there are 36 ghosts in the library and I have told the staff that I’m reserving to be the 37th,” Georgeff said. “I have told Stephanie (Eller) that they can call me anytime after 10 a.m., but this is Stephanie’s baby now.”

According to Georgeff, there are so many people to thank for helping her time as director run smoothly.

“I have to thank the governing bodies of Unicoi County, United Way of Unicoi, the Erwin Monday Club, the Kiwanis Club and the Rotary Club for funding us and supporting us,” Georgeff said. “I have to thank our patrons, they are the most wonderful people.”

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