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Clinchfield Senior Center’s covered drive-thru base of operations for Apple Festival

By Charlene O’Dell

Welcome to the 2021 Apple Festival, which returns this weekend, Friday-Saturday, Oct. 1-2.

Clinchfield Senior Adult Center, which is located midway between Main and Elm Ave. at 220 Union St. behind The Erwin Record and Liberty Lumber, was closed to the public for over a year due to COVID-19.  

Unfortunately, with the virus spiking again, we are not yet back to normal. However, like many other non-profit and service organizations in Unicoi County, Clinchfield Senior Adult Center will have fund-raising activities during the Apple Festival to help with operating expenses.  

For this year’s Festival, we will not have our usual dine-in country style breakfast or lunch.  Neither will we have anyone at our vendor space downtown.  However, we will have most of our usual types of sale items at the covered drive-through area at the front entrance of our building on Friday and Saturday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Available beverages will include coffee (all day) and, if the weather is cool, hot apple cider. For lunch each day, we will offer Chicken Salad with chopped apple on Croissants with chips in a to-go box and beverage.  During the afternoon, we will sell pieces of plain cake topped with baked apples and warm butterscotch sauce.  

Throughout both days, we will have for sale a variety of hand crafted items including aprons, tote bags, Wonder Cream, place mats, rice-filled neck pads, Christmas ornaments, various sizes of wreaths and floral arrangements,  door hangers, pint jars of our Senior Center Apple Relish, pecan halves and pieces and English walnuts.  

Also available at our front drive will be Rotary Club Apple Butter and Ruritan Strawberry Preserves.  Neither of those organizations will have a vendor space elsewhere in the festival.  As in past years, for $5 per vehicle, Senior Center volunteers will rent parking spaces on the municipal lot at the corner of Union Street and Elm Avenue behind Liberty Lumber and Hardware.  This area is convenient, not only to the senior center, but also to Main Street vendors.  Come and see us. For Festival attendees walking on Main Street, turn beside The Groovy Smoothie and walk about 300 feet on Union Street to our single level brick building.

For additional information about any of the activities, please call the senior center at (423) 743-5111, visit our facility or send a message to [email protected]