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Blue Ridge Pottery Club meets at Maple Grove

Contributed Photo • Back Row: Charlie Ervin, Gina Clark, Brenda Kegley, Richard Riggs, Mildred Silvers, Shelia Benedetto, Phillip Edney, Nancy Edney and Joey Lewis. Middle row: Keith Duncan, baby Jonah Hauck sitting with mom Katie Arnette, Glenna Lewis, Brushy Lewis and Carol Riggs. Front Row: Angel Duncan.

By Carol Riggs

The Erwin National Blue Ridge Pottery Club Meeting held its first meeting for 2021 on Tuesday, April 6. A total of 16 members attended and later posed for a club photo.

The meeting opened with Phillip Edney leading the Pledge of Allegiance. Joey Lewis asked the blessing. Members had a lot of basic business to take care of after their supper at Maple Grove Restaurant in Unicoi.

The club will probably be meeting at Maple Grove for quite a while this year as the Clinchfield Senior Adult Center is not operating yet. President Gina Clark gave the treasurer’s report as Treasurer Dianne Banks was under the weather after recent surgery. Joey Lewis let members know that the CASH Pottery Show was over the Memorial Day holiday for just one day on Saturday. He also checked on dealers who come to the Blue Ridge Pottery Show and reported that most of them are willing to attend if the Apple Festival takes place this year. Joey Lewis also asked if members were in favor of giving out a $500 scholarship as in year’s past and everyone voted “yes” on the scholarship. Joey and the committee will meet very soon to go over the students’ applications and let members know who won after the Awards Night at Unicoi County High School on May 11.

Megan Miller suggested that we incorporate the hospitality position with the show coordinator position. All agreed. All officers and the chairmen remain the same except Angel Duncan will take over as secretary and Nancy Edney will assume responsibility as the historian chairman. Current officers are Gina Clark, president; Joey Lewis, vice president; and Dianne Banks, treasurer. Chairmen are Phil Edney, member at large; Tina Jones, membership cards, tickets, Erwin Record Apple Festival tab and flyers; Angie Miller, Megan Miller and Meranda Miller, show co-chairmen; Charlie Ervin, building and grounds chairman; Joey Lewis, scholarship chairman, parliamentarian and chaplain; Carol and Richard Riggs, website and articles for Erwin Record; Nancy and Phillip Edney, calling chairmen.

The winner of the Blue Ridge Pottery Bowl called “Debonair” made some time in the 1930s was Katie Arnette , who brought her young son Jonah Hauck to the meeting. The club’s next next meeting will take place Tuesday, May 4, at 5:30 p.m. at Maple Grove Restaurant in Unicoi. Don’t forget to check the club website at