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Blue Ridge Pottery Club gathers for July meeting

Lou Thornberry and Hazel Darby gave a presentation about pottery houses during the July meeting of the Blue Ridge Pottery Club. (Contributed photo)

By Carol Riggs

The Blue Ridge Pottery Club meeting was held at the Clinchfield Senior Center on July 1 at 6 p.m. in Erwin with 30 members and guests attending.

Tina, Hannah, and Danielle Jones served as our hostesses for the meeting with Neal Jones cooking the hamburgers and hot dogs.

Their theme was Red, White, and Blue for July 4th celebration.

The Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America started the meeting and then Richard Riggs asked the blessing. Gina Clark, our president, announced that it was time to get in line for the buffet table.

In addition to Neal’s burgers and dogs the members brought:  cowboy baked beans, chili, slaw, and broccoli slaw, mac and cheese, pasta salad, chips, cupcakes, lemon chess pie, red velvet cake, lemon cake, chocolate covered pretzels, cookies, and topping for the burgers and dogs like pickles, mayo, mustard, onions, relish, tomatoes and lettuce. We had one special Red, White and Blue delicious cake made by Larna Smith. What a wonderful holiday picnic. During our meal, we were entertained by Greg Forbes who sang several beautiful songs.

Clark opened the meeting after distributing today’s agenda. She introduced our speakers Lou Thornberry and Hazel Darby – they discussed the Pottery Houses that still exist today on Ohio, Holston Place and Love streets. They each gave us a brochure with the history of the pottery houses. Thornberry carefully went over all of the details in his brochure so we could understand the history of these homes. They had plenty of photos of the existing houses today. The homes and community were designed by Grosvenor Atterbury from New York who was a leader in the new field of community planning. The gems are located on Holston Place that looks like a horseshoe street off of Ohio and include a green area park in the middle.

Clark went over our agenda which included the show in October, catering the vendor dinner, same venue as last year, rack cards prepared by Jay Parker, our 40th Annual Show and Sale.  Bill Smith provided all members with the 2019 budget and discussed several parts of it. The door prize was won by Phil Edney.

The hosts and hostesses in August will be the Duncans and the Edneys. It will be a NASCAR theme. Our program will be presented by the Unicoi County Hospital Junior Board Members. They will be sharing information about the time capsule which included Blue Ridge Pottery. Don’t forget to check out our website at